Quick start guide
  • Create a user.
    1. Goto the User menu and use the new user option to create a user to be able to login to the site.
    2. Enter a user name and password and your valid e-mail address.
    3. A mail wil be send to you with a link in it. Use this link to confirm the user.
    Please note that you only need one username to play multiple games.

  • Sign up to join a game.
    1. Search in game select box for a open game you want to join.
    2. Use the join a game option on the user menu to join a game with status: "Players welcome". If there are none return later or mail diplomacy @ denes.nl
    3. Enter your username and password, your in game name and an e-mail address (if differend from the one you used for the user) and whether the game should mail results/events to you.
    4. If the game has random player states then you have to wait until it starts. Else the next step is to select a state which you like to play (you only see those who are not taken yet).
    Please note that a game can last a while even when the turns only take a day. So please join only if you intend to play the game for a while. Also note that in order to enjoy the game you should be online at least three or more times during a turn.
    Some games require passwords. This is done so not all can join. Email the administrator of the game and ask for the password if you want to join.

  • The start of a game.
    1. The game will start on the first appropriate day (regarding the Tempo) after 7 players have joined up.
    2. When the game starts an email will be send to you notifying that the game wants you to confirm you are playing.
    3. You need to confirm before the deadline. If you do not confirm you will be removed from the game.
    4. Once all 7 players have confirmed the game wil inform you by mail that it has started and you are able to enter the first moves.

  • Playing the game.
    1. Login to the website using the username and password. This is only possible if the game has started and is not in calculation or maintanance mode. After this is checked it will ask you to select the player/game you want to access.
    2. At the user tab you can activate the action that needs to be done (move or builds victory). Or you can change you user info.
    3. Enter the moves for each year. They can be changed any time.The results will be mailed to you or you can look at the results in the orders menu
    4. Enter the build / destroy's after the results for a autumn year have been calculated. Can be changed before the deadline as much as you want.
    5. You can see the current standings under the maps and game menu. Click on a map to see a large version and the history.
    6. On the historical map you can see all the maps including the ones with the moves on it.
    7. Communicate with other players. On the game menu you can find the email addresses of all the other players. Send them a mail even if you are not close (like england and turkey) you never know when it come's in handy having a friend :-)

  • The end of the game.
    1. The game ends when one player has 18 build points or more. Or when a combined victory is declaired with a total of 18 builds or more.
    2. The game alse ends when the end date is reached.
    3. The administrator of the game can stop the game at any time if all players ask for it.

Avalon hill for comming up with this great game. And allowing other people to make a online version without paying heavy for the copyright (i hope).When this site ever gets beyond Beta version i will contact them to inform them about he use of the name and the rules of Diplomacy. But since there are many Diplomacy sites around who host play by email i don't think it will be a problem as long a i'm not making money on it.

Hasbro The current owners of Avalon Hill. They made those boys and girls from Avalon Hill see that a nice colored map is worth something and that a clear manual actualy adds to a game ;-)

Andre Blank for entering the map data into the database

The play testers for testing and never getting of my back to get it finished: Arjan, Andre, Daan, Maarten, Anneke en Niels

deNes for the hosting and use of the standard perl modules

And the people who make those lovely free opensource software so i can use it:

Started the development somewhere in 2001 on a debian linux system.
Alfa release march 2003 hosted on Redhat Linux 7.3 running perl 5.6
Beta planned release june 2003
New layout released september 2004
Second map in it december 2004
Software used: Most of the program was written using glimmer on my debian linux system. But since sept 2002 i am the proud owner of a Apple G4 power mac and use BBedit.


Oh dear oh dear, Started the new version again in 2019. The new version created in 2014 was not finished so i try to get it done... on my iMac